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Credentials/ Priority call list:

Dean Tronrud:                                    

Work: 800-786-2109 
Home: 715-263-2633

Cell: 715-491-2241
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Dive instructor, ice certified,experienced in law enforcement, trained in underwater evidence recovery, extensive experience in underwater salvage and recovery.

Jim Monson:                                         Dive instructor, ice diving instructor, Emergency First

 Work:  800-700-9334                            Response Instructor, experienced in underwater salvage

Home: 715-485-9334                            and recovery. Trained in underwater evidence recovery.

    Cell: 715-768-0047

Carmen Monson:                                 Dive instructor, ice certified, experienced in                                                                   underwater salvage and recovery.

 Work:  800-700-9334                            

 Home:  715-485-9334                             .

 Cell:     715-768-0046

Mike Yeske:                                           Divemaster, ice certified, experienced in underwater salvage.

 Home: 715-986-2749                           Trained in underwater evidence recovery.

Marc Porembo                                      Rescue certified, ice certified, experienced in underwater .                                                                     salvage                                                  


Richard Sampson, M.D.                     Rescue certified, experienced in underwater recovery.


Joe Mara:                                               Rescue certified, ice certified, experienced in underwater                                                                   salvage.            

Home: 715-263-2646  

Rick Sebens:                                        Rescue certified, experienced in underwater recovery.

Home: 715-822-8814

Myron Loney:                                       Rescue certified, ice certified, experienced in underwater                                                                  salvage.             

Home: 715-755-3953    








& Training


Definition:                                         Body recoveries, evidence recovery, large salvage projects,                                                                   ice dives. High risk, requiring  immediate response and all                                                              equipment.                                                                          



Standards & Procedures:


 Maximum response time:             4 hrs.-Our objective is to respond within an hour dependent on                                                               advance notice and distance.                     


Fee:                      Open Water:  $100.00 per diver, 3 divers minimum: 2 divers in the water and 1                                 surface support technician. 3 hr. minimum call. After 3 hours on the scene the rate

                                would drop to $75.00 per hour per diver. Dive reports, evidence collection and                                   scene assessment reports will be provided.                

    Ice or Overhead Environment: The scene will be assessed and our regular fee may increase due                         to the difficulty of the dive.  We may require up to 5 divers on the scene: 2 divers in the                       water, 1 safety/standby diver, 1 surface line tender, 1 surface support technician. Dive                       reports, evidence collection and scene assessment reports will be provided.                                                                       

                      No additional fees will be charged. All equipment for search/recovery operations will be                       provided for by Interstate Divers, LLC.             



Safety Protocols:   The safety of the divers in the water will be a priority. The surface support technician is in charge of the scene immediately on the dive team's arrival.The technician will                 coordinate with the people on the scene.                                                                                                                                     



Note:                                           Divers cannot be effective if lake dragging has taken place. Visibility is destroyed and it may take days or weeks for visibility to return.                                                  





   All light to medium salvage operations that do not require immediate response times                       and can be scheduled by the dive team.


Maximum Response Time: Dives will all be scheduled within 2 weeks of the original call with the exception of ice dives and  Large salvage, which is considered a recovery.                                                                                                                                                                                             l


Level one:             Low risk light salvage using minimum equipment. Only 2 divers needed maximum                                   depths of 35 feet-excludes all rivers. $55.00 per diver per hour-no minimum fee                               Firearms are also excluded.

Level two:             Medium risk light salvage using available equipment. Minimum 3 divers. Maximum                              depths of 70 feet including rivers. $75.00 per diver per hour-no minimum fee.      .                             Includes firearm salvage Photography and preservation techniques are available.

                             All higher risk dives are considered  recoveries.





   Dive, recovery and rescue training is available for agencies
interested in developing in-house dive response teams.    Interstate  Divers LLC can provide classroom, pool and open water sessions for members to obtain certification in open water, advanced dive ice recovery, search & recovery, rescue diver, evidence recovery and underwater investigations. Interstate Divers LLC will provide assistance for those interested agencies until they are fully trained. Certified rescue divers would then have the option to join Interstate Divers as associate members. As an additional service, Interstate Divers LLC can also provide equipment to those departments at  relatively low package costs.


Classes available:

PADI Open Water Diver*
PADI Advanced Water Diver*
PADI Rescue Diver*
PADI Divemaster

All PADI Specialty Courses including Ice Diver and Search and

* Certifications required for all associate members of Interstate Divers.

Associate Membership


Minimum Requirements: Certified Rescue Diver

                                      Emergency First Response Certification

                                     10 dives logged per year

                                     10 hours per year of team training/education

Benefits:                       First on-call list in local area

                                      Updated materials for further training

                                      Discounts on gear, etc.

Boat Recovery

Snowmobile Recovery

ATV Recovery
Truck Recovery from Ice
Truck Recovery

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